Our Story

Energy Singularity was founded in 2021 in Shanghai, China.

Our goal is to develop fusion energy by leveraging recent breakthroughs of and strong synergy among HTS magnets, advanced tokamak physics, and AI technologies.

We are focusing on the R&D of high-field, high-confinement and compact tokamak with HTS magnets. We believe this represents the fastest, most scientifically-robust and cost-efficient path to commercial fusion energy.

We are committed to accelerating the commercialization of fusion energy. We believe, once realized, fusion energy will be abundant, economic, clean, safe, and globally deployable. Fusion energy will open limitless opportunities for revolutionary advancements in human civilizations.

The Company has raised nearly RMB 800 million in Series Seed and Series Pre-A funding from renowned institutional investors in 2022 and 2023.