Fusion, the process that powers stars like our Sun, promises an inherently safe, near-limitless clean electricity source for the long term, using small amounts of fuel that can be sourced worldwide from inexpensive materials. We believe, once realized, fusion energy will be abundant, economic, clean, safe, and globally deployable. Fusion energy will open limitless opportunities for revolutionary advancements in human civilizations.

AbundantThe fuel of fusion can be derived from seawater and is readily available. There is enough fusion fuel to power this planet for billions of years.
CleanFusion produces zero greenhouse gas emissions, emitting only helium as exhaust.
SafeFusion energy is inherently safe, with zero possibility of a meltdown scenario and no long-time nuclear waste.
Globally DeployableFusion energy is on-demand and can be deployed anywhere in the world, regardless of the topography and weather.
EconomicPower from just 1 kg of fusion fuel can replace 55,000 barrels of oil or 10 million kilograms of coal.