Energy Singularity is committed to accelerating the realization of limitless clean energy. We are focusing on the R&D of high-field, high-confinement and compact tokamak with HTS magnets, as we believe this represents the fastest, most scientifically-robust and cost-efficient path to commercial fusion energy. We are bringing great people together to solve challenging problems and build a leading global fusion energy company.

MissionAccelerate the realization of limitless clean energy
VisionBecome a leading global fusion energy company, providing the most scientifically-robust and cost-efficient fusion energy solution
ValueExtreme efficiency
Long-term GoalIn 5-7 years: Advanced HTS tokamak with Q>1
In 10-15 years: DEMO for economic fusion power generation
Plan for Fusion Device+ Energy Singularity is collaborating with renowned universities and institutions to build our first experimental tokamak, the world’s first tokamak based on HTS magnets
+ This tokamak is designed to achieve steady-state operation with high confinement plasmas and bootstrap current fractions. We schedule to complete the construction of this device and produce the first plasma in 2024
+ It will provide an important technological basis for next-generation high-field tokamaks and will demonstrate the feasibility of HTS applications in fusion devices