The combination of major breakthroughs of HTS magnets, advanced tokamak physics, and AI technologies makes commercial fusion energy scientifically achievable – IT IS HAPPENING NOW!

HTS Magnets

Over the past five years, processing technology of a new high temperature superconducting (HTS) material reached maturity: Rare Earth Barium Copper Oxide (REBCO). Cost of REBCO became commercially affordable as a result of mass production. We are using this HTS to build our Tokamak magnets. HTS’s capacity to provide high-filed makes compact devices possible which will significantly reduce the capital expenditures of future fusion reactors.

Advanced Tokamak Physics

In view of the accumulating evidence from tokamak experiments and theory that advanced tokamak modes of operation have achieved higher values of confinement, beta and bootstrap current fraction, operation in an steady-state advanced tokamak mode is possible and would significantly enhance the scientific and engineering base for an attractive DEMO for economic fusion power generation.

AI and Supercomputing

There is strong synergy among Fusion and AI technologies. With the help of reinforcement learning and supercomputing, it is believe that a well-trained AI system can be used to control and sculpt a superheated plasma inside a nuclear fusion reactor.